Jon Casteel, the youngest of the Casteel clan, initiated his dream in 2006. He approached Bethel Heights Vineyard (aka the rest of the family) to become a partner with him in owning a mobile bottling line. He had a lead on the tractor-trailer he wanted, and a proposal in his pocket.

In December, 2006, Casteel Custom Bottling became a reality. The silver bullet, as it is affectionately referred to by some, is a state-of-the art custom built trailer, with an aluminum frame and stainless steel interior. It is a short–body trailer for easy access to winery facilities. A very nice feature is the custom "concession doors" that increases air flow for the bottling crew, and accessibility to machines. The Peterbuilt tractor and the trailer are both 2004 vintage.

The bottling line itself is a GAI 3052 Monobloc. Other features:

  • 12 spout two stage rinser/blower
  • Sparger
  • 16-spout filler
  • Corker
  • Leveler
  • GAI 4390 Screw Capper Single head
  • Air assist capsule dispenser
  • GAI 4609 8 head capsule spinner
  • Imprestic Labeler with two stations
  • All conveyer and chain complete with Stenco pack off table. Conveyers on variable speed drives
  • Steam generator, air diaphragm pump and more.

Jon grew up in the wine business, working in the vineyard at Bethel Heights. He worked a harvest in New Zealand, and then spent five years at Rex Hill Vineyard (now A to Z), first as Cellar Rat and eventually as Cellar Master. One of his responsibilities at Rex Hill was running the bottling line. When the decision was made to re-build the Rex Hill line, Jon asked to go along to observe and participate. His skills and interest increased, and when a good friend and mentor from California called and told him about the availability of a custom-built package, he saw his opportunity. His first bottling occurred in May, 2007.

If you are interested in learning more, or scheduling bottling, click on the links (above). Also, please feel free to get in touch with Jon in person.

Contact information:

Jon Casteel, Manager and Partner

Cell: 1-971-237-7817
Message: 503-581-2262 (Bethel Heights Vineyard)